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DumptheJunkNJ donates to

Save Coastal Wildlife - Dump the Junk NJ

Donations and/or Volunteers to “Keep the Sea, Plastic Free” at the Jersey Shore!


CONTACT US FOR REGISTRATION information 732-856-2345!

- Dump the Junk NJ

Save Coastal Wildlife Nonprofit inspires people of all ages to protect, preserve and appreciate the many and wonderful plants and animals along the Jersey Shore and the greater Blue Planet through important hands-on citizen science and volunteer restoration activities and environmental education.

Save Coastal Wildlife Nonprofit gives a much needed voice to the beautiful biodiversity along the Jersey Shore from Raritan Bay to Delaware Bay.

Please make a tax deductible donation today.

Recycling is one of the easiest, most tangible ways of taking action for the planet. It’s a visible demonstration of caring and conservation, and it sets a positive example for children, families and communities. Recycling is a feel-good activity… but does it actually help the environment? 

You bet it does!

How recycling benefits the planet

Recycling saves energy and water, lowers pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improves air and water quality, preserves landfill space and conserves natural resources. It doesn’t make sense to use paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, and petroleum products once and then throw them away! We can benefit from the raw materials and energy that have already gone into their production. Recycling is cleaner and more energy-efficient than mining, refining, and processing new items from raw resources.

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